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My GPG key

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

In case anyone ever wanted to send me something privately, or verify that I signed something, here is my public key:

Version: GnuPG v2.0.14 (GNU/Linux)

+ proud daddy (sort of….)

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

All right, I’ll be candid here–this is not the only newsworthy even in the last 5 months, it’s just that Alyssa told me I’d better brag a bit on here so that she can suffer that much less of my sappy puppy love. So if you’re on Facebook, then I’m sure you already know–if you’re not, here it is: Chief is the latest member of the Agee family of SE Portland. He is definitely part black lab, but we’re unsure on the rest–very possibly a Mastador (half black lab, half mastiff).

dog lying under my desk

Yes, that's my size 13 foot next to him--he'll be a big boy.

One of the guys in our office came home to a new puppy that his wife had brought home, and the whole family loved him. Unfortunately the timing was not great, and complications of moving and a slightly covetous older dog made the addition less than feasible. Alyssa has known for a long time that I would love a dog but for many good reasons we couldn’t quite fit a furry friend into our hectic lives. Our friends convinced us to take him for a weekend just to see how it went, and–in spite of our very serious conversation about how a dog would be _my_ charge–Alyssa fell in love with him just as much as I did. Before our half-hour ride home for the weekend had passed, it was a done deal.

Our lives haven’t really changed all that much to allow for a pet, so it takes a pretty special puppy to deal with the insanity that we call normal life. The great thing is that Chief is so well behaved, we’ve only heard him bark once, and for fair enough reason (the sound the washing machine makes annoyed/scared him; the dryer was just fine, but not the washer). He will play if you rile him up a bit, but does just as well if not better sleeping under the desk while we work. He even gets along grandly with our 13-month old neighbor Ellis.

It’s funny how much a little body in your house can remind you of the beauty of the mundane. Eating, pottying, and climbing the stairs become marvelous and praise worthy. A broken-down car becomes a much milder event when a little tongue insists on giving you a chin-bath. There are certainly costs to adding a dependent (even one so easy as Chief), but I find the engagement and puppy love well worth the effort. Who knows, maybe we’ll be ready for some other kinds of interlopers before too long =).

+ on two wheels

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

I’ve always wanted to be a hardcore bike commuter, and at long last, I think I’m on my way. Up to now, I’ve ridden to work just a handful of times, citing excuses for not riding such as: the bike needs a tune up; I can’t carry my laptop; I need to be dressed nicely for a meeting; it’s wet, and I don’t have the right gear; did I mention my tires are flat and I need a tune up?

Trying out my new Kona jake cyclocross bike

Trying out my new Kona jake cyclocross bike

My birthday a couple of weeks ago brought the end to my list of excuses. Alyssa and my parents got together and made in investment in my health and happiness by getting me a new ride: the cyclo-cross Kona jake. It was a complete surprise, and I would never have known where to start looking, let alone what I wanted. With the help of some friends, Alyssa found me the perfect match. She also conspired with Grandma Ellen to get me a rolltop water proof backpack, and put together with my shell and some new waterproof pants and a new set of lights, I’m all set. Well, after I get my fenders and a rack. Hopefully I can swing by and grab those before long, but they won’t keep me from riding in the mean time.

Trying out my new Kona jake cyclocross bike My first commute on the new wheels was last Tuesday, and it was perfect. I’d never had a road bike before, nor had I used Tiagra shifters. I’m sold though. It has 18 speeds, and shifts through them nice and smooth with a pretty wide range. It handles like a champ and is really comfortable for my lanky frame. I’m pretty excited to get in the habit, as I’ve realized that the best way to stay healthy and happy is to have exercise be an inescapable part of the daily routine. Biking 6.2 miles to the office is a perfect way to start and end the workday. Thanks mom, dad and Alyssa!