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+ father and son

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
Flying over the Elk River

Flying over the Elk River

I realized a little while back that it had been well over a decade since my dad and I had spent any intentional, dedicated father-son time. In spite of the fact that we are partners in one business and have conspired on may other occasions, those of you familiar with family business can probably relate to how little quality time that lends itself to. Somehow birthday dinners and the occasional Sunday with the family (when we make it to Spokane for that long) inevitably hold some mention of business TODOs or a thought to our next quarter strategy.

At any rate, we both carved a weekend out of our schedule, packed the airplane, and headed into the Idaho wilderness for a couple of days of hiking, fishing, and general outdoor guy stuff. We were hardly alone, as the USFS airstrip we flew into (Moose Creek) has gained some popularity among back-country pilots, but it was a drastic change from our usual two-to-three phone ringing, several email account, insurmountable todo-list days. In fact, there was no cell-phone reception for AT&T or Verizon; the closest thing to communication with the outside world was a ranger station about a mile from our campsite.

Suffice it to say, the time was much needed, and my dad is still at least as awesome as he was 15 years ago–maybe even a bit more. It was great to have him teaching me to fly-fish, rather than us pounding out a sales plan or working on development schedules. We definitely need to make a habit of that.

Packing and prepping

Packing and prepping

One of the bridges acress the creek... just a bit shady

One of the bridges acress the creek... just a bit shady

Taking off from Shearer.

Taking off from Shearer (a USFS strip up the Selway River from Moose Creek).

+ a blog reimagined

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Over the coming days, you may notice some of my old posts disappearing; specifically those in geek-speak. A couple of years ago, I realized that however holistically I wish to approach life, it’s not fair to force anyone who would like to follow my personal journey to endure, along with it, the techiness inherent in my daily life. With that in mind, I registered another domain, and diligently parked it for future use. At long last, I have blown the dust off of that domain and launched my geekdom blog.

From now on, the less technically inclined should be safe venturing here. That’s not to say that thoughts I share will make any more sense, but at least they should be–in the majority–based in the English language. As for my fellow geeks, the rants on software architecture, system administration, disaster recovery, and what have you will be found at

No promises, but I’m hoping that this separation will make it easier for me to communicate well in both arenas. My ambition is that this blog would provide a window into my story with whatever value that can provide to the blogosphere at large.

~ cheers