+ the maiden post

I have been meaning to launch a blog for about a year now. I hemmed and hawed over it in the sparse moments between more imortant occupations, knowing that it was something that I needed to do; something I wanted to do. At one point I even secured my domain name for the year. I have many friends and family spread across the world, and I don’t spend enough time in communication. The people I love tend to reside on the bottom of my list–or worse, just past it. In the back of my mind I know that they will always be there, and all the other things on my list will be trouble if lost or forgotten.

I was finally pushed over the edge into blogdom when I encountered the need to install WordPress for someone else. It took me virtually no time at all. Having found the perfect solution, I couldn’t put it off any longer. So here I am, installed, configured and domain-routed in the space my fifteen minute retreat from the mountain of tasks.

This site will likely host discussion on a wide range of topics. Any who know me understand that I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. One of my more obvious traits is a joy in learning. That being said, you may find snippets of php code or a monologue on AJAX next to my thoughts on some new band that I heard between recipes and a very personal take on my walk with in the Faith. Naturally I intend to brag on my incredible wife and will sometimes include updates on the family affairs.

I hope that this blog will encourage, assisst, or just amuse all who visit. God bless.

5 Responses to “+ the maiden post”

  1. Rich Says:

    HA! First COMMENT on the first POST!

    OK, That is all…….

    NOT REALLY! I can’t believe you finally joined the dark side of blogging….
    I thought you were going to hold out for a few more years.


  2. Barbie Says:

    Hi, Bryan! This is cool!! I was involved in a blog when I took Business Writing online and it was a blast! It is so great to hear the progress in your life since we’ve watched you grow, struggle and learn over the past 10+ years! Your faith and trust in God has been a joy to see. As you already know, your family holds a special place in my heart and and I rejoice to see how God is leading you.

    Yes, Bryan, you have an adorable wife and we all learned to love her so we don’t mind listening to you brag about her! Has she lectured you on your grammar and spelling on here? I had to chuckle while reading through your comments–I could see her red pen busily at work!!

    It is so great to hear you have found a “home” in Portland. Finding a church body where you belong makes the whole world look better! I pray God will bless both of you and encourage you in your venture.

    Lots of Love,

  3. dad Says:

    Nice job….hope your future business endeavor provides well for you…as a partner, it would’t hurt me one bit!!

  4. Jeremy Says:

    Just wanted you to know that I’ve subscribed and am listening – hope you’re well!

  5. Uncle Ed Says:

    Hi Bry and Ali–
    This is first time I’ve gotten around to send this to the library where I can access (still no internet at home), but can’t get past March 1 (note #4 or so). Do you keep this up? (I’m sure you do), sooo….where/how do I find the latest entry?
    Work is over the top: a busy day is 20 patients in this system and I feel maxed out at 24. Day before yesterday (Sat.) was 30!!…..so I’m feeling blitzed. Hope all’s well with y’all. Any latest on Vantage Payroll Service?
    Cheers! P. S.Plan to be in Wenatchee end of July for Dad’s birthday (93). Barney and Fran are in charge of a PickleBall tournament so won’t make it. Probably better for Dad to break up the visits anyway.

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