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Alyssa and I moved to Portland in June of ’06, ready for a fresh start and a new city. Our reasons for coming here specifically included Portland State’s great programs in System Science (for me) and English (for her). While I don’t plan to attend for another couple of years, Alyssa is already well on her way to a masters in English literature. She is absolutely brilliant and is doing much better in her progam than she will ever admit. There has also been a romantic pull for us, since we both have loved Portland as long as we could remember and the idea of being only two hours from Canon Beach was more than a little appealing.

With my employment being fairly flexible (if not light on the work load), we were able to move down without the weight of a job search. Our first affair–after a hasty remodel of our duplex unit (thank you Avery and Geanna!)–was to find a church body. We had both decided that smaller was better. Three to four hundred would be ideal. Unfortunately, Portland has few churches of that size. They tend to be either mega (1000+) or micro (30-) gatherings with little in the moderate range.

After trying a few of the smaller churches, a friend convinced us to try out Imago Dei. It sounded a bit daunting, having some 1500 in attendance on a weekend, but we thought we could at least give it a shot. It was home at first service. We were amazed at the cultural relevance and sense of community paired with very direct and scriptural teaching. Eight weeks and one membership class later, we became full fledged members (something neither of us had done at any other church). We now attend a Home Community on Mondays and are getting more and more rooted in the body at Imago. I can only pray that everyone else has somewhere to be so connected and fed.

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  1. Alan Says:

    Congratulations on getting your blog up and running.
    From what I read your life has no dull moments.
    When it comes to Portland, I have only one word to say “TODAI”!
    If you like seafood you probably already know about it…if you don’t…well, I’m sorry…
    Todai is an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet complete with 40ft sushi and sashimi bar.
    Imago Dei sounds like a great church! We will be sure and check it out the next time we are in Portland.
    God bless you and Alyssa!

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